Wordless Wednesday – Pool Face Poppy


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Happy Independence Day!

Holy Milkbones, it’s hot!!! And you want me to pose? For a patriotic portrait? Again?

Holy Milkbones!Well, okay. How’s this one:

How's This?A little too informal? Grr…this is the last one, Ma!

Happy Independence Day 2013Happy 4th of July everyone!

And to my four-legged paw pals, please stay safe indoors tonight while our people act like fools!

Proud Poppy 4 July 2012

Hey! That’s me from last year. Wow! I got big!

Nap Time Poppy

Ma’s a little behind visiting blogs, we’ll catch up soon. Thanks so much for your comments yesterday. Your Poppy loves the love! 😀

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Wordless Wednesday – Repose After Gardening

Repose after Gardening

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Sunday Night Sidewalk Barkfest

It rained cats and dogs all weekend, and it looks like more downpours expected this week. Last evening Ma took me for our walk in between raindrops. Apparently every other human on our block with a dog shared Ma’s thoughts. I met lots of friends and a few enemies. Good thing Ma carried her mobile phone along, because you will meet a couple more of my buddies. (I apologize for Ma’s poor photography. In my excitement, I kind of jerked Ma’s hands around. Oops!)

Abby Shandy Poppy Lolly Play 1

Of course you recognize Shandy from my last post. Abby, the chocolate Labrador Retriever, is a dear friend who always stops to play with me. That little white leg belongs to Lolly, a Bichon Frise. She’s an elderly lady who managed to beat lymphoma! We are all amazed at how healthy she is. Lolly is the boss of the block. Even the grumpy dogs respect her.

Abby Shandy Poppy Lolly Play 4Abby and Shandy are long time friends, but always welcome me into a friendly fray.

Abby Shandy Poppy Lolly Play 2Shandy’s off to get in some trouble. She ran to a neighbor’s yard, rolled in fox poo, then ended up being dragged home for a shameful public bath on her Ma’s front lawn. The rest of us dogs decided it was past time to break up the fun and head home. We sure didn’t want our people getting ideas!

Abby Shandy Poppy Lolly Play 5Ha! Lolly runs so fast, Ma couldn’t get a clear photo of her.

Poppy Cooling OffI was so worn out I took a long drink of water and cooled off a flowerbed.

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Saturday Silliness with My Best Friend

Shandy and Poppy playing June 2013 B

Meet Shandy, my oldest and best friend in the neighborhood. Shandy showed me the ropes from the time I was a little baby a year ago. Now we can’t wait to meet each other on walks. A few times a week Ma takes me around the block to visit for a play date. She stuffs her pockets full of treats. Sometimes I think Shandy loves Ma as much as me!

Shandy and Poppy playing June 2013 A

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Leash Dancing

It’s been so hot and humid here that Ma takes me for my long walk at dusk. We met my good friend Bella the other night. We leash danced on the sidewalk while our moms discussed raising puppies. Bella’s still a baby, but full of mischief like me!

Bella the Puggle

Bella the Puggle

Bella's smaller than me, but she sure can box!

Bella’s smaller than me, but she sure can box!

Leash Dancing with Bella on a June night.

Leash Dancing with Bella on a June night.


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Where Have You Been Miss Poppy Seed?

What's New Pussycat

Since last you heard from me, I turned 1-year-old, and celebrated 1 year living with Ma. I took my Canine Good Citizen Test, but failed the very last part…sigh.  I don’t come when called. I cry when Ma leaves me. I bite Old Lady Nana’s toes through her shoes. I flush rabbits from under blue spruces. I chase birds from the feeders and up into the trees. Jehovah Witnesses fear me. Ma smiles and calls me her Canine Good Anarchist.

I took a walk in a pond:

Pond PoppyI visited a waterfall:

Waterfall Poppy 1But I did not fall in:

Waterfall Poppy 2I danced on the canal path:

Dancing Poppy

Here I did jump in:

Canal Poppy I went to a park one evening to socialize with my peers:

Dog's Night Out Poppy

And saw a balloon:

Dog's Night Out BalloonI dug:

Sniffing Poppy 2

And I dug:

Sniffing Poppy 2

But I could not budge the groundhog:

I Told You So Poppy

I went to another park:

Valley Forge Park June 2013

One I visited as a baby:

dscn0446I ate a lime popsicle:

Cool Treat Poppy Then closed my eyes tightly:

Hot Poppy

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