First Visit to the Veterinarian

My last visit with the veterinarian was a sad one. My chow/lab mix, Madam Lasagna, was popular with the doctor and staff. Diabetes made her a frequent visitor this year. How happy everyone was to meet Poppy! And she didn’t let them down, putting on a full cute puppy performance. My 92-year-old mother rode along with us. Mom can barely walk upright, but she wanted in on Poppy’s first visit too. While I held on to Mom, the vet techs, Bobbie and Jackie got to share holding Poppy. She charmed the vet with a perfect manners. Could this be my Poppy?

Poppy tugs her leash to get behind the desk to visit with the vet techs.

Poppy Seed chewed on a small bite of rawhide while taking her boosters and rabies vaccine without flinching. The nasal vaccine for kennel cough went off with a sneeze. Doctor pronounced her a healthy and smart puppy. I beamed with pride. We went home with various puppy packets of food, flea and tick, and heartworm freebies. Tomorrow she gets a dose of wormer. Bet she won’t be so good for me.


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Poppy checks her pee mail daily, so bark out loud!

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