Poppy Goes to the Park

Miss Poppy Seed had a busy day. After a morning play session in the garden, I took her along on my weekly doctor visit. He loves dogs, and welcomed her into the office, letting her play with a squishy brain-shaped hand exerciser. She removed a section of the occipital lobe. Oh well! On the way home we stopped in a remote part of Valley Forge National Historical Park known as Pawlings Farm or Walnut Hill. Poppy enjoyed a walk in tall grasses, stalking butterflies. A sudden thunderstorm brought the trip to a close. Once home she turned on the devil, managing to squeeze through the dog pen gate posts. I lured her back with a piece of chicken. Do all new dog owners carry a supply of treats in their pockets? She wasn’t through. Once inside the house she terrorized one of the cats; the one who took a swipe at her. She remembered. After supper, I drove to Wal-Mart to buy two dog gates. Her freedom curtailed, she’s now settled by my feet. Hope she sleeps tonight!

I bury my bones. Don’t you?

Gotta keep my teeth sharp!

I can be adorable.

I love the old, ruined Walnut Hill Barn. This time of year, swallows dart from the windows and across the meadows.

I spied this handsome, young buck in tall grass.

And this pregnant doe deep in the woods.

The charming Blue-eyed grass, a kind of wild iris (unless the taxonomists have changed the family on this one too!).

This lovely member of the snapdragon/foxglove family. I can’t remember it’s name, nor find my wildflower guide tonight. Sorry!

Poppy passes the Walnut Hill barn.

Poppy enjoyed the tall meadow grasses, jumping up to grasp the seed heads, but not quite reaching.





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2 Responses to Poppy Goes to the Park

  1. skezier says:

    Poppy you look like your being kind to your mum there. Loved the pcs especially of the Deer x

    • She was a good girl on her first “real” walk. It was lots of fun to see my favorite place through her happy eyes. The deer are wonderful to see, but with the bucks in velvet and the does ready to fawn, they don’t let me get a close as usual for photos. Thanks!!! 🙂

Poppy checks her pee mail daily, so bark out loud!

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