Poppy Ends Her First Week

At home on the back porch, Poppy enjoys one of two chew bones she selected all on her own without any help from me.

Miss Poppy Seed entertained staff and customers at the nearby Pet Valu store today. We dropped in so I could buy a clicker to use in training her. With shelves at puppy level, she chose two chewy bones while the manager and I were talking. Clever little girl.

I thought to post a picture of Poppy from last Saturday to compare with one I took this afternoon.

Miss Poppy Seed at 12 weeks. Poppy cast up her accounts in the crate 45 minutes into the ride home. My niece and I stopped in Morgantown, PA to clean the crate and give Poppy a break.

Poppy at 13 weeks. Poppy took a break with me on the screened in porch this afternoon. This wonderful little girl wore me out with all her antics.

She’s grown in size and confidence. As I’ve heard said – a big dog in a little package!


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4 Responses to Poppy Ends Her First Week

  1. Ok – you win CUTEST PUPPY!!! Miss Poppy Seed is too precious – you both are LUCKY!! The Red Man has much wisdom to impart to Miss Poppy!!

    • Thank you so much, Red Man. I’m gonna need your help sweetie! She’s a lovin’ handful!!! I am crazy over her ears and wild hair.

      Your blog makes me laugh out loud. I’d love to meet all your four-legged housemates – Pretty and Slow too. In the meantime, keep those stories coming.

  2. Roxanne says:

    Oh my goodness she is such a cutie!

Poppy checks her pee mail daily, so bark out loud!

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