More Good Smells

This evening, after checking out what was on the menu for the wild birds, Miss Poppy Seed scared up a rabbit, tracked a vole, flushed a grackle, and explored the woodchuck hole under the shed. Poppy enjoyed digging so much, I wonder if there’s a bit of terrier in her mix.

Wha??? Birds get left over dog food too?!

Oh no, Poppy!!! That’s poison ivy!

I’m thinking, “Rabbit!”

Oh! That smells good!

There’s gotta be something under there!

Poppy enjoys frolicking in the ivy so much, I should have named her Ivy!

Poppy wrangled 4 walks today, each ending with a cooling break in the ivy followed by a drink direct from theย spigot out back. She also helped me water containers of flowers by biting at the water and digging in the pots. Guess she earned the nap she’s taking on settee next to me tonight.


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6 Responses to More Good Smells

  1. skezier says:

    I love the ones with the hole… wonder what had been in there? She is a lovely dog and a very pretty face. She also has what we call kind and gentle eye.

    Hey still on foal watch so if she would like to Miss Poppy can come and check the mare with me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hope your doing ok and the bones are being kind to you x

    • For me, since the weather has been mild, my worst pain is in the mornings…just brutal, but it works out as the day goes on.

      What a nice thing to say about Poppy. She is a sweetie. That hole goes under my garden shed and houses a Momma woodchuck or groundhog and her kid. Maybe you call them marmots where you are? Not sure. I wouldn’t want Poppy to tangle with one, but they are pretty much shy and stay under the shed.

      Pops would love to help you with the mare. Her birth home was a farm with sheep, cattle, and horses.

      Hope you get some rest before the foaling. Take care!

  2. It seems like she has a little of terrier on her, cuz it goes beyond curiosity. I love how black she is.

  3. skezier says:

    Do you think it could be a Scottish terrier in there? Be good to see how she grows up eh?

    Oh no foal yet and what s sleep?! lol. x

    • Hi! Several people more knowledgeable about dogs than I suggested that Scottish terrier might be at least part of the father’s background. Poppy’s father is a question mark. The farmer didn’t know if it was his border collie mix or some other dog traveling through. So you’re right. It’ll be interesting to see what she grows into. ๐Ÿ˜€
      Oh groan!!! No foal and no sleep. You must be one achy soul!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

Poppy checks her pee mail daily, so bark out loud!

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