A Post Without Poppy

On the way home from Poppy’s visit to the veterinarian on Thursday, I stopped by Pawlings Farm (a.k.a Walnut Hill), my favorite section in Valley Forge National Historical Park , hoping to spot whitetail deer fawns. Since walking is difficult, I took these photos through the car window.

Young Whitetail Deer doe among tall grass and milkweed.

She’s nervous, and…

Dashes across the gravel drive in front of my car.

Once across the drive, she joins her brother, a young spike buck in velvet.

Grand old ruin of a barn, the Wetherill barn, the largest stone barn in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

That’s a young turkey vulture perched on the barn roof. I love to watch them drop off the roof and glide over the field to gain altitude.

Remains of the stone fence around the barn. That’s catnip growing in front.

More of the fence. I think in parts field stone faced a brick base.

A pair of American Kestrels or sparrow hawks danced above the meadows with one youngster, often perching on a sign or fence post. It was hard to get a photo with my point and shoot Nikon. On the way out, I managed to get one through the car’s front window.

It was already 90 F. at 11 a.m., Miss Poppy received 4 vaccines earlier, and I felt sick, so I started for home. I didn’t see fawns this time, but one young doe surprised me:

She’s one of last year’s fawns:


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13 Responses to A Post Without Poppy

  1. Those are fantastic photos, the second and third look like paintings.

    I do hope you are feeling better soon!

    • So glad you enjoyed the photos! Some of them will eventually serve as reference for my paintings.

      And thanks for your get well wishes. I already do feel better on the antibiotics, so…eventually. 😀

  2. These photos make me homesick for the country! They are truly beautiful!! If you can paint these, you must be an incredible artist…thank you for posting! And please don’t overdo. Take care of yourself. The Red Man and Miss Poppy insist…

    • I will take it easy, my dear, but it’s so hard for me. What if I miss something?! The section of the park where I took those photos is bordered by busy highways, but when I turn onto that gravel drive, it feels like heaven. When I finish one of the paintings, I’ll post it here. Hugs to Red Man and all the bunch.


  3. stanzebla says:

    That’s a beautiful place. 🙂

  4. Clowie says:

    They’re lovely photos!

  5. Emama says:

    They are wonderful pics!

  6. Monica says:

    Lovely! But I miss Poppy already.

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