I’m In the Doghouse!

Ma was gonna announce “Hallelujah!!!” But, I pooped on her plans…literally…sigh.



Lately she was certain I was housebroken. Apparently that doesn’t mean “break the house,” ’cause I was well on my way in that department. It has something to do with pottying outside. Really? But I’m too busy to think of stopping to ask to go outside when I’m chasing the white-footed cats from under chairs or ripping up throw pillows. Holy Milkbones! It’s too much work being a proper puppy.


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13 Responses to I’m In the Doghouse!

  1. oprativ says:

    So I take it that you’re “Too pooped to pop?” 😉 You’d better take a hint Poppy, before Ma starts to wage chemical warfare… using repellent sprays and whatnot in the house to get you to conform to the rules!

  2. Holy Milkbones!! The Red Man loves that!! Miss Poppy, you are so adorable you may poop anywhere you please until YOU decide to go where your mom wants you to go. Hopefully, the stars and planets will align for you to both be on the same page before long…happy weekend!!

  3. We’z Luv’z you Poppy 🙂 I’m alway’z in the dawg house..not for pooping though.I do piddle meselve’z when I get over excited.. Don’t tell anyone 🙂 xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Your secret’s safe with me Mollie!!! 😀 Whew boy! Maybe we should go in business selling doghouses so we have money for our own treats. 😀 Lot’s of dogs seem to need them.

  4. stanzebla says:

    Something that has worked on a cute Shih Tzu girl that visited us and had a serious peeing problem, was throwing dirty (means worn) clothes everywhere. The clothes smelled of me, so she knew the places where the clothes were lying, were home. And dogs don’t shit or pee in their homes. I know that’s a contradiction to the way women usually like their houses, nice and clean. But it really worked very well, she was already a year old and the owner thought, she would never stop to pee in the house, but after a week she was clean.

    • I think that’s a great tip, and I will do it. I’m really at my wits end with Poppy. She seems to get the idea for a few weeks then messes again. A week of dirty clothes around the dining room is not too much of a problem for me. Thank you for your advice. I’ll report back later. 😀

  5. BOL, don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it soon enough!

Poppy checks her pee mail daily, so bark out loud!

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