Some Days After Christmas

Boxing Day with Toys

Holy Candy Canes!!! Ma can throw a Christmas Party! Gee Ma, you sure went all out for my very first Christmas ever. What’s that? You do it every year? EVERY YEAR? Put me on the invite list for next year, okay?! Do it as soon as you recover from this Christmas. 😀

Dana Nibbles Tuna Treats

First Ma gave all the cats Tuna Treats and cat nip toys (like those slackers need more drugs!!!), but Dana is the only one who poses for photos.


Day Day settled in to watch me open my gifts. It’s more interesting than cleaning your toes, huh, Mouse Breath?

Christmas Dragon

Ma forgot to adjust the flash in this pic, but that’s my dragon toy. I’m wearing my bandanna made by Mollie and Alfie’s Humom AND a poinsettia collar from my Aunt Beth.

Opening Presents

You can watch my opening style in the video below:

Naptime 1

I had to take a couple of naps before company came.

Naptime 2

If I had known how tired I’d get with Ma’s family Christmas night, I would have taken a few more!

Aunt Barbara's Gift

My Aunt Barbara gave me a cool red puppy squeaky toy and yummy treats shaped like Gingerbread Men. Aunt Beth gave Ma a Jackson – 20 dollars(!) for dog treats. That converts to roughly 8 – 6 inch bully sticks my dog friends!

What did I get Ma? A new turquoise leash. The one she’s been wearing was getting too shabby for this styling pup! And I bought her a book by our good blogging friend Sheila Morris, I’ll Call It like I See It – A Lesbian Speaks Out, only I won’t let Ma read it ’cause all her attention should be on me, not some glorified chew toy. I did let her show me pictures from The Red Man’s book he so graciously mailed to us. Sheila is his personal assistant.


Can’t wait for next year!


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10 Responses to Some Days After Christmas

  1. mollieandalfie says:

    Book me in for next year Poppy, what a fab time you had 🙂 xx00xx
    Happy 2013 to you all xxx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Now you Pennsylvania Pups and Peeps and C-A-T-S know how to PARTY!! Good for you – now you need to rest up for New Year’s Eve…it’s tomorrow!! I swear Miss Poppy is the cutest puppy EVER!! It’s been a long time since we’ve had a puppy at Casa de Canterbury, but they’re the MOST FUN!!

    • This Peep is planning an early night New Years’s Eve. I hope to get irrepressible Poppy in bed by 10. She may have other plans. She loves a party! 😀 Now I’ve got to tell her how cute she is without inflating her ego to the bursting point!!! It’s definitely “Joy to the World” with a puppy on board.

  3. Nylabluesmum says:

    YOW Poppy!! You shure open dat gift well…mayb you cuud come to me place next year to help me wif me giftz?? We catz alwayz need some help!
    LOL Dana iz bery funny; just sittin n watchin you…..see we kittehz iz more yer ‘watchin’ kind of critter….pleeze tell me she doezn’t hab ‘mousey breath’…EEEWWW!!!
    Me iz gonna be glad when thingz get back to normal ’round here!!! Mum strollin in after midnite…..2 pawz down on dat!!! Just one more nite of diz insanity n den me iz puttin’ me paw down!!!!! YOW!!!
    BTW Poppy you iz so darn cute!!! Me just adorez you!!! xo Nylablue.

    • Oh, yes she does!!! She’s the best mouser of the lot now that the older cats have crossed the bridge. Only, let me tell you a secret…Dana needs me to help her find the mice. We work as a team! Ma tries to catch them alive, but sometimes, Dana and I get ’em first.

      Dana is very good at watching. I’m glad to learn from you that’s typical of cats, ’cause they don’t do much else around here except snort cat nip!!! 😀

      Yeah, this partying business has to come to an end. I’m all with you, Nylablue!!! I’m tired of going in my crate, while Ma goes out on the town or even to get more food for guests!!! Geez!

      Gentle hugs,

      • Nylabluesmum says:

        Yow, Yow, Dana haz a seein-eys doggie!!! Me lubz diz!!!! Me Mum told me she had a Husky/Shepherd doggie who wuud chase mice ddat got into house n he kill dem quick n bring dem to her…..
        Me doez not miss goin after mice fer supper…yuck! Me lubz me wam canned fuud….me iz definitely (VBP) a pampuured kitteh!
        Me doez more n sleep n snort ‘nip! Me haz to get da Mum up in da mornin; den must show her where to clean da messez up; me snoopervisez cleanin. Me watchez da birdiez at da ground feeder n makez shure da iz all right. me also haz to make shure mealz arrive on time. Den me must sit wif Mum in da ebenin n pick out guud showz fer her n me to watch. Finally dere iz brush b4 bedtime n checkin dat doorz are locked n Mum doez me dishez fer da next day! Once all diz iz done me can settle in me bed or share wif da Mum n get me ‘beauty’ sleep…Whew me so tired now me gonna take a wee nap……wanna join me?? Lub Nylablue.

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